Traffic violations in Virginia can range from minor infractions like speeding to more severe offenses like reckless driving. When facing these violations, traffic lawyers at Poindexter & Wright Law step in. Located in Virginia, Attorney Wright & Attorney Poindexter focus on representing individuals charged with traffic citations in Smithfield, Surry, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News, and Isle of Wight County.

Traffic Violations in Virginia

Virginia law categorizes traffic violations into two primary types: moving and non-moving violations. Speeding and reckless driving fall under moving violations and are taken seriously by the state.

  • Speeding: Driving above the posted speed limit, can lead to fines, points on your license, and in severe cases, license suspension.
  • Reckless Driving: A more serious offense, encompasses driving in a manner that endangers others’ lives, property, or person. This can include speeding excessively, aggressive driving, or driving a vehicle not under control.

Other traffic infractions, such as running a red light, failing to yield, or driving without a valid license, also carry significant penalties.

Steps to Take After Receiving a Traffic Violation

Receiving a traffic citation in Virginia can be a daunting experience. The first step is to understand the nature of the citation and the associated penalties. It is crucial to respond to the citation within the given timeframe to avoid additional charges or a warrant for your arrest.

Next, consult a local traffic lawyer. A traffic attorney near you can provide essential legal advice tailored to your situation. They can help you understand your rights, the possible outcomes of your case, and the best course of action.

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Traffic violations can have long-lasting effects on your driving record and personal life. f you are in need of a reliable and experienced lawyer for a speeding ticket or a reckless driving lawyer, contact Poindexter & Wright Law today. Our commitment to your case will provide the peace of mind and legal skills necessary to navigate the complexities of traffic law in Virginia.

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